With a combined workable area of 120,000 square feet and focused areas distributed into five separate workshops (Graphics, Architectural, Metal, Joinery and Vehicle Branding) we are able to streamline our production and maximize the efficiencies to better serve our clients’ needs in terms of signage, architectural elements, graphics, visual displays and more.


Routing Machines (For PVC, Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Foam, FRP) 
CNC Router FlexiCam S2-1530, Bed Size: 1.5 M X 3 M 
CNC Router ENMECH, Bed Size: 1.2 M X 2.4 M 
Laser Cutting / Engraving Machine (For Metal, Acrylic, Glass). Bed Size 2.4m x 1.2 m 
Universal Laser, Bed Size: 18 X 32
KMT Streamline v Plus Waterjet Machine Bed Size 3m x 2 m for Metal, Plastic and Ceramic Cutting. 
Bhavya Heavy Duty Hydraulic Metal Shearing 3m cutting ability. 
Bhavya Hydraulic Press Brake, 3 M Input 
Bhavya Hydraulic Roller Press, 3 M Input 
Bhavya Hydraulic Profile Rolling Machine 
AcutShear, at 2.5 M Input 
Mechanical Press Brake, 2.4 m Input 
Mechanical Rolling 2.4 m input. 
Etch Cut Etching Machine Rapid Etcher Type 
Xenetech Braille Engraver with licensed Braille software. 
Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine. Bed Size 3m x 2m.


HP 6200Z Indoor Media Digital Printer (Inkjet) 
Durst Lambda. 3200 DPI 
Hewlett Packard 6100Z, Max 1200 DPI 
5.2 m Bed width Vutek5330 Solvent Digital Printer
3.2 m Bed width Vutek3630 Solvent Digital Printing 
2.6m Latex 28500 
Rastek Flat Bed Printer 
Heat Seam welding machine 
Flatbed Digital Graphic / Vinyl Plotter 
Seal Cutting Pro, Output: 1.5 M, Since 2005 
Pressure Sensitive Cold Laminating Equipment 
DCS Scratch Proof Flat Bed Texture Printer 
Seal 62-S, Output: 1.6 M 
HP LATEX 850, 3.2 m bed size 
Thunderjet Eco Solvent, 3.2m bed size


(6) Miller XMT 425 Mig, Tig and ARC Welding Machine 
(1) Power Press w/ Adjustable Stroke for laminate pressing 
(2) Bhavya Circular Saw 
(2) Bhavya Multi Boring / Drilling Machine 
(1) Vacuum Forming Machines Automatic, Bed Size 2.4m x 1.2 m with electronic furnace. 
Temperature Controlled Heat Bender for Acrylic sheets 
Heating Oven for Reshaping Acrylic sheets 
Master Polishing & Finishing Equipment 
Masonlite Polishing & Buffing Equipment 
Metal Degreaser 
Belt Sanders 
Acrylic Edge Finishing / Bending Machine 
Miller TIG Welding Units 
Enzo ARC Welding Units for SS / MS 
Industrial Do All Band Saws 
Dust Free temperature controlled Arabian Eagle Industrial Size Wet Spray Booth 
Channel Letter Bending Machine 
Sandblasting Machine 
Generator Sets