Architectural & Way Finding Signage

All high street premises require bespoke service, not only to help with complicated installations but also to look at source materials, electrical supplies, fixtures and fittings. We visit the site and meet our clients and discuss the project to offer sound practical advice. We are one of the few firms to have the design Capability. From hotels, malls, and mixed use developments, to university campuses, our team designs and develops seamless user navigation experiences through way finding. Way finding signage plays a major role in guiding the traffic towards their destination and reassuring them on their journey and orient them to navigate safely, reducing transit time & avoiding confusion. We offer bespoke solutions by designing, manufacturing and erecting purpose built signage in conformity with the architectural themes and aesthetics, satisfying the engineering requirements and caring for the environment while helping to navigate and communicate. We are experts in external and internal signage, be it on a rooftop or on a building facade, in the shape of a totem or a monument, a door sign or a safety sign.

ARCHITECTURAL & Vehicle Graphics

IGraphic Design is pictorial manipulation of data using a computer and related software it allows us to create and arrange type and images with clarity or effective communication being the objective. Graphic Production is the output of the created graphic in physical form, this can be signage, sticker’s posters, display feature etc. Whether your business is long established, new, or going to re-brand we can advise, assist and produce the most suitable designed graphics for our products and can work with your existing brand guidelines and can effectively match Pantone colours and layout standards.

Most vehicle graphics we produce tend to use a combination of cut vinyl lettering, with digital printed Logos or partial wraps. All the materials we use have been thoroughly tested for durability and Conformability. We have a vast experience & library of vehicle profiles to enable us to accurately design Your vehicle graphics to scale.


We specialize in custom fabrication of point of sales kiosks, shop window displays, props making, Fabricating exhibition stands with erection dismantling, constructing themed promotions, interior claddings and joinery work, bespoke Styrofoam curving and fiber glass (GRP) work. All our bespoke display products are carefully designed and created for you. From initial design concepts to delivery/installation you will be provided with detailed information including the product and the materials used. Our signs and products are made to order, we have in house designers to understand your requirements and provide you the designs as per your specifications. For many years we have been Producing high quality bespoke products. All these products can me modified to suit any display area and designed to match corporate brand guidelines. The skilled touch of our carpenters and painters can bring your designs to life. We ensure timely delivery by professional project management.


Is a name given to any number of methods used to display multimedia content in public venues. Alternatively known as Dynamic Signage, electronic signage or narrow casting, networks of digital Signs have been installed across numerous retail chains, banks, travel hubs and corporate Headquarters to deliver informative and entertaining content to captive audiences and passers-by. In its most basic implementation, a digital sign consists of a playback device (such as a computer, DVD player etc.) connected to a display. Depending on the application, the display might be a small LED screen, a plasma display panel or even a video wall composed of a number of connected screens. UCF is proud to be associated with Palami LED Technologies in providing Digital LED Solutions in the region. PALAMI Group manufactures ultimate quality LED, indoor and outdoor screens, flexible curtains and media facades. The company designs complete LED technology solutions for stadiums, sport arenas, stages, architectural and advertising industries.


Our expertise lie in executing the architectural cladding of building facades, stainless steel works, decorative architectural fit outs and art metal works straight from architects board. We also specialize in manufacturing ATM drive ups, ATM surrounds and walk ups, point of sale kiosks and petrol station facades using metal, billboards etc. From conceptualizing to installation, our dedicated team will be there to cater to your requirements.